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Harry Sorensen Memorial Service, Nov 15

Friends of Harry Sorensen are invited to visit with his family from 9:00 - 10:00 AM on Friday, November 15th. A memorial service and luncheon will follow. Inurnment will be at Omaha National Cemetery after the luncheon

Church Directory for 2019

It's time for a new church directory. Save our Church Secretary some time. Review your information in the 2018 Directory. Send changes or confirm that your information is correct by sending an e-mail to mountolv@msn.com or call the Church Office at 402-455-8700.

Come on folks. If you don't let our Secretary, Jill, know whether or not changes are needed, she will just have to contact you.

Men's Group, Wednesdays

The Men's Group meets for Bible study and fellowship every Wednesday at 6:00 PM in Luther Hall. The current topic is from Lutheran Hour Ministries' Profiles Beyond the Spotlight series. It features Colt McCoy: A Father, A Son, and Football. For more info, contact Tim Lorang: (402) 578-8338; tlorang@eliteins4u.com

Intentional Interim Pastor Info

Pastor Meyer officially assumed his position as our Intentional Interim Pastor on August 13. He will be responsible for all the duties of a resident pastor. However, he will also lead us through a process that will prepare us to call our next resident pastor.

His schedule will be flexible with calls, home visits, and meetings to acquaint himself with our congregation and members. He plans to normally be in his office at Mount Olive on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:00 AM through 1:00 PM. Please call the Pastor Meyer (402-580-2929) for appointments or call the the Church Office (402-455-8700). It would be wise to call the Church Office before stopping in during Pastor Meyer's office hours—just in case he might have an appointment outside the office.

Much of his reading, studying, and worship preparation will be done at his residence where he keeps his personal library and files. He is always available by phone (402-580-2929) or by e-mail (gmeyeriim@gmail.com) 

Automatic Giving

Joyful Response is a way to make your Sunday morning offerings convenient and consistent through preauthorized withdrawal from your checking account at no extra cost to you. It is safe and secure. Your giving continues even if you are out of town or aren’t able to be at a worship service. Pick up a Joyful Response brochure from Max Williams or from the Church Office. Learn more at our Joyful Response home page. More members each year are using this plan.