"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching (Today: God's Word - The Holy Bible) and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread (The Lord's Supper) and the prayers."  Acts 2:42

In-Person ADULT BIBLE CLASS restarts on Sunday, July 12
Study of key sections of the Book of Acts, July 12-August 16
Luther Hall, 10:15 - 11:15 AM 
Tables will widely separated to maintain social distancing. Please wear face masks as much as possible. Depending on weather, we will open windows for more air movement.  We can "safely" handle up to 35-40 people being present for class (but we all remember that with COVID-19, there will always be risks, no matter what we do.)
[Note from our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke: "I think this  (restarting the Adult Bible Class) will be wonderful. We need to keep seating at the tables all facing the same direction, maintain distance requirements of 6 feet unless the group is in the same household. No coffee or donuts, unless they are served “waitress“ style by two or maybe 3 people. No self serve. And of course no hand shaking or hugs. The church's Bibles and hymnals should not be used.]
Any printed material for the Bible Class will be placed on your table (handed out by one person with freshly sanitized hands.) Each week's hand-out will also be available on-line. Bring your own Bible. (That's what good traditional Lutheran Christians always do, right?)
Acts and the accounts that come to us from the early church have much that is of help to us at this time in the Church's History as we enter a post-Christian time that in many ways is starting to more and more reflect the pre-Christian era that the Early Church faced.  
The class will start, as we did before, with sharing, celebrations and prayer.

You may also Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 391 206 9426