Note some changes: Communion is being offered weekly following each service and from 11:00 AM - Noon on Sundays and after the Wednesday service (which begins at 6:00 PM) until 7:15 PM. The elements will be laid out by Pastor and/or a Lay Minister before the worship service. All communicants will remain at their seats, or standing while Pastor leads a brief communion liturgy including the words of institution. Small paper plates will be placed on the communion rail in preparation for each table. When the table is prepared and it is time to receive communion, people will be invited to come forward one person/family group (up to 6) at a time on each side of the table. Wine & bread will be placed on the individual small paper plates before communicants step up. When communing, Pastor will ask each person to pick up the cup first with one hand and the bread with the other to help minimize the risk of spilling. After each table has communed, each table will receive the words of dismissal from the Pastor. Each communicant will place the empty plastic cup and plate in a prepared container.ย