Getting from Here to There

Using Pastor Meyer's milestones toward calling a new resident pastor, here's an update. The Call Committee has narrowed the list of call candidates provided by President Snow to four individuals which they will contact. You may download a brief biography of these four pastors.

  1. “Round His Feet” Group Meetings (Completed)
  2. Interim Task Force’s Report on Group Meeting Conclusions (Completed)
  3. Call (Nominating) Committee (Completed)
  4. Town Hall Meeting and Interim Task Force Presentation  (Completed)
  5. District Self-Study Surveys  (Completed)
  6. Pre-Call Meeting with President Reverend Snow (rescheduled to August 5) (Completed)
  7. Call Candidates Obtained from Congregation and President Snow (Completed)
  8. Call Committee Vets Candidates (Completed)
  9. Voters Call Meeting (Completed February 7, 2021)
  10. Issuance of Call & Candidate’s Response (Call has been issued to Rev. Paul F. Albers, Concordia Lutheran Church, Vermillion, SD)