Getting from Here to There

Pastor Meyer shares a letter describing what has been accomplished and future steps which are required to call our next pastor:

  1. “Round His Feet” Group Meetings (Completed)
  2. Interim Task Force’s Report on Group Meeting Conclusions (in final stages)
  3. Call (Nominating) Committee
  4. Town Hall Meeting and Interim Task Force Presentation – Target Date: May 31, 2020
  5. District Self-Study Surveys (finished 10-14 days after Town Hall meeting)
  6. Pre-Call Meeting with President Reverend Snow (date to be determined)
  7. Call Candidates Obtained from Congregation (if any) and President Snow
  8. Call Committee Vets Candidates
  9. Voters Call Meeting
  10. Issuance of Call & Candidate’s Response

Please read Pastor Meyer's letter which explains each of the above steps in more detail.