August 5
Here's where we stand in our search for a new full-time pastor. President Snow led our Pre-Call Meeting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 5th. Nearly 20 people attended in person, and several others joined via Zoom. President Snow reflected on the Self-Study Report we provided in July, pointing out some discrepancies between what we said we want in a pastor and and what we said we want to do to serve our Lord in the future. He also shared an overview of our neighborhood demographics, highlighting specific ways we might reach out to serve our community, and how these insights might inform what we look for in a new pastor. His entire presentation is available as a pdf for download. He also handed out a form that any of our members may use to submit pastor call candidates to Mount Olive's Call Committee. Return your call candidate suggestion using this form to the Call Committee chair Mikale Townsend, Jr., any Lay Minister, or the Church Office.
July 10
The Call Committee (Lay Ministers, as per Bylaws, and other members) used the input from the cottage meetings, Interim Task Force, and recent congregational survey to prepare the linked Self-Study Report required by our District. This report was mailed to President Snow on July 10th. 
Next steps are:
  • Call Candidates Obtained from Congregation (if any) and President Snow
  • Call Committee Vets Candidates
  • Voters Call Meeting
  • Issuance of Call & Candidate’s Response
Click the following link for a more complete description of the above steps. The Call Committee members are Galen Behr, Josh Calahan, Jill Clausen, Mike Townsend, Jr, Melissa Lorang, Rachel Misiolek, Amie Rikke, Mark Sorensen, Paul Whitmore, Max Williams.