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Not-So Virtual Bible Class Returns , Jul 12

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching (Today: God's Word - The Holy Bible) and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread (The Lord's Supper) and the prayers."  Acts 2:42

In-Person ADULT BIBLE CLASS restarts on Sunday, July 12
Study of key sections of the Book of Acts, July 12-August 16
Luther Hall, 10:20 - 11:20 AM 
Tables will widely separated to maintain social distancing. Please wear face masks as much as possible. Depending on weather, we will open windows for more air movement.  We can "safely" handle up to 35-40 people being present for class (but we all remember that with COVID-19, there will always be risks, no matter what we do.)
[Note from our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke: "I think this  (restarting the Adult Bible Class) will be wonderful. We need to keep seating at the tables all facing the same direction, maintain distance requirements of 6 feet unless the group is in the same household. No coffee or donuts, unless they are served “waitress“ style by two or maybe 3 people. No self serve. And of course no hand shaking or hugs. The church's Bibles and hymnals should not be used.]
Any printed material for the Bible Class will be placed on your table (handed out by one person with freshly sanitized hands.) Each week's hand-out will also be available on-line. Bring your own Bible. (That's what good traditional Lutheran Christians always do, right?)
Acts and the accounts that come to us from the early church have much that is of help to us at this time in the Church's History as we enter a post-Christian time that in many ways is starting to more and more reflect the pre-Christian era that the Early Church faced.  
The class will start, as we did before, with sharing, celebrations and prayer.

You may also Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 391 206 9426

Voters Meeting, Jul 12

Mount Olive's previously adjourned Voters Meeting will be reconvened this Sunday, July 12, after Bible Class, at 11:30 AM. In addition to regular reports, a resolution to call a part-time pastor will be entertained. Click the following link for the agenda. Anyone may attend, and we welcome your participation. Any Communicant Member may become a Voting Member simply by promising to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Voter under our Constitution and Bylaws.


Pastoral Call Status

Here's where we stand in our search for a new full-time pastor. The Call Committee (Lay Ministers, as per Bylaws, and other members) used the input from the cottage meetings, Interim Task Force, and recent congregational survey to prepare the linked Self-Study Report required by our District. 
If President Snow finds that everything is in order, he will contact Mike Townsend, Jr. (Director, Board of Lay Ministry ) to set up the Pre-Call Meeting with our congregation.  We expect this meeting on a weekday evening during the week of July 20-23.  Watch for info concerning the exact date and time.  (If there is any glitch or problems with our report, we will then have the meeting the week of August 3-6.  President Rich Snow is out of town the last week of July.)
Next steps are:
  • Pre-Call Meeting with President Reverend Snow (between July 20 - 23)
  • Call Candidates Obtained from Congregation (if any) and President Snow
  • Call Committee Vets Candidates
  • Voters Call Meeting
  • Issuance of Call & Candidate’s Response
Click the following link for a more complete description of the above steps. The Call Committee members are Galen Behr, Josh Calahan, Jill Clausen, Mike Townsend, Jr, Melissa Lorang, Rachel Misiolek, Amie Rikke, Mark Sorensen, Paul Whitmore, Max Williams.

2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

From a group of five applicants, the Committee unanimously decided to award $1,000 scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year to:

Adrian Cotton, a 2020 Central High School graduate
Adrian plans to attend UNO, studying to be a clinical psychologist. She earned many academic honors, participated in numerous extracurricular and volunteer activities, worked part-time at The Hope Center for Kids, and earned her Certified Nursing Assistant license while still in high school.
Sha'lise Oliver, a 2020 Omaha North graduate
Sha'lise will attend North Carolina A&T State University pursuing a career in engineering. Sha'lise also earned numerous academic honors at North, while participating in extracurricular and leadership activities and working part-time at a restaurant and the Heartlands workers center.
Please pray that these young women may be empowered to carry out the good works that our Lord has prepared for them to do. 

Family Fun at Camp Luther

This summer, Camp Luther is providing a new and unique opportunity for families to get away, create memories, and grow in their faith together in God’s creation. Click here for more information!



Worshipping Safely This Summer

Our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke, provides worship guidelines in this letter to help keep us all safe.


Holy Communion Practices This Summer

Note some changes: Communion is being offered weekly following each service and from 11:00 AM - Noon on Sundays and after the Wednesday service (which begins at 6:00 PM) until 7:15 PM. The elements will be laid out by Pastor and/or a Lay Minister before the worship service. All communicants will remain at their seats, or standing while Pastor leads a brief communion liturgy including the words of institution. Small paper plates will be placed on the communion rail in preparation for each table. When the table is prepared and it is time to receive communion, people will be invited to come forward one person/family group (up to 6) at a time on each side of the table. Wine & bread will be placed on the individual small paper plates before communicants step up. When communing, Pastor will ask each person to pick up the cup first with one hand and the bread with the other to help minimize the risk of spilling. After each table has communed, each table will receive the words of dismissal from the Pastor. Each communicant will place the empty plastic cup and plate in a prepared container. 

Milestones Toward Calling a New Pastor

Getting from Here to There

Pastor Meyer shares a letter describing what has been accomplished and future steps which are required to call our next pastor:

  1. “Round His Feet” Group Meetings (Completed)
  2. Interim Task Force’s Report on Group Meeting Conclusions (in final stages)
  3. Call (Nominating) Committee
  4. Town Hall Meeting and Interim Task Force Presentation – Target Date: May 31, 2020
  5. District Self-Study Surveys (finished 10-14 days after Town Hall meeting)
  6. Pre-Call Meeting with President Reverend Snow (date to be determined)
  7. Call Candidates Obtained from Congregation (if any) and President Snow
  8. Call Committee Vets Candidates
  9. Voters Call Meeting
  10. Issuance of Call & Candidate’s Response

Please read Pastor Meyer's letter which explains each of the above steps in more detail.

Message from Our Executive Director, Apr 17

Please view this letter from Mount Olive's Executive Director, Victor Padron. It contains important information for all our members during this time of COVID-19 concerns.



Pandemic Hope Devotions

Our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke, recently shared these downloadable Pandemic Hope family devotions from the Psalms. What makes these devotions special is that each Psalm devotion includes a "Faith Practice" activity you can do with your children. Near the end of the download are some hymns you and kids can sing while washing your hands - instead of singing the Happy Birthday song. 

Reliable Websites for COVID-19 Info

There is a lot inaccurate information out there about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Click the following link to national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 web page for reliable information. For local information, go to the Douglas County Health Department website.
PC Magazine reports that scammers hare already started taking advantage of this situation. For example, a number of phone apps, purporting to help people track incidences of the COVID-19 virus, are actually installing malware on phones. Please keep yourself and your devices safe.