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Thrivent's 50% Match Ended

Please be advised that Thrivent has ended its offer to match one dollar for each $2 dollars directed to churches and charities through the inFaith Foundation. Thrivent originally offered to do the 50% match for the first $1 million donated. However, they did match another $1.2 million before ending the program. The match was used up quickly with only 4,250 givers having the opportunity to participate. 

Lent 5 Worship Service, Mar 29

You may view the March 29 worship service for the fifth Sunday of Lent. (The video starts with about 9 minutes of silence for reflection before worship.) Also download the worship folder/bulletin to participate.


Miss Jill's Story Time, Mar 27

Let Miss Jill entertain your kids and share the Gospel. This week Miss Jill tells us a story about how shepherds take care of their sheep – reminding us that Jesus is our Good Shepherd.

Pastor Meyer's Mid-Week Message for Mar 25

Check out Pastor Meyer's March 25 mid-week Lenten devotion. It continues our Mount Olive Lenten Series "By His Wounds We Are Healed". View any or all of Mount Olive's videos on our Facebook Channel.

Pandemic Hope Devotions

Our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke, recently shared these downloadable Pandemic Hope family devotions from the Psalms. What makes these devotions special is that each Psalm devotion includes a "Faith Practice" activity you can do with your children. Near the end of the download are some hymns you and kids can sing while washing your hands - instead of singing the Happy Birthday song. 

Financial Stewardship During COVID-19

During these trying times:
  • Some of our members are going to be severely and negatively impacted economically.
  • Others will be nominally affected.
  • Still others may feel little or no impact.
In response, our Board of Stewardship has decided that all financial pledges made for 2020 are considered null and void as far as our congregation is concerned
Good stewardship is really always your prayerful response to two questions:
  1. How is God blessing you?
  2. How would God have you respond to his blessings?

This is as true now as it was before COVID-19 attacked us.

If you are enrolled in our Joyful Response electronic giving program and you need to revise your giving, please contact Max Williams (402-455-7382, m_wms@knowisinc.com) or the Church Office (402-455-8700, mountolv@msn.com). Click the following link to learn more about Joyful Response. If you wish to enroll in Joyful Response, please click the following link to the Joyful Response form. Complete it and mail or bring it to the Church office.
Thrivent is now offering a 50% match (One dollar for each two dollars) for donations to Mount Olive through Thrivent's inFaith Foundation. Click to get more information about Thrivent's offer
If God is continuing to bless you financially (and you choose not to enroll in Joyful Response or take advantage of the Thrivent offer above, please send your check offerings to Mount Olive at 7301 N 28th Ave, Omaha, NE 68112. The best way is to put your check in your offering envelope and send it. If you just send a check, please put your envelope number in the memo section of your check; this will help our Counters log your offering for your future giving statements.

Reliable Websites for COVID-19 Info

There is a lot inaccurate information out there about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Click the following link to national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 web page for reliable information. For local information, go to the Douglas County Health Department website.
PC Magazine reports that scammers hare already started taking advantage of this situation. For example, a number of phone apps, purporting to help people track incidences of the COVID-19 virus, are actually installing malware on phones. Please keep yourself and your devices safe.

Pastor Meyer on COVID-19 Concerns, Mar 17

This post contains a link to a letter from Pastor Meyer which updates our congregation's response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). In summary:
  • All public worship services and gatherings of 10 or more people will be temporarily halted in compliance with CDC and state recommendations.
  • Mike Townsend, Jr, and Pastor Meyer are bringing mid-week Lenten and Sunday worship services to us on Mount Olive's YouTube channel.
  • Other notices and helpful info will be available on this web page.
  • Please keep in touch with your extended church family. Watch over your neighbors and friends. Use your phones. Not everyone has internet service.
  • Church hours will remain the same for the time being: Monday - Friday, 10 AM through 3 PM.

Click Pastor Meyer's picture to view his letter in its entirety.

Take Your Kids to Mongolia

No, we're not saying, "Send your kids to Mongolia." (However, after a few weeks with them at home every day, you may wish you could send them there.) Lutheran Hour Ministries offers a chance for parents and kids of all ages to learn about Mongolia and how God is at work changing lives in that remote country. 
Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 3:17-19 and letting the immensity of Mongolia illustrate it, participants will learn about God and “how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is.” This interactive experience includes videos, maps, colorful graphs and charts, hands-on activities, identification boxes, questions for discussion, and more—all working together to highlight the country's religion, ethnic groups, ways of living, culture and customs, history, and other features that make Mongolia so vast and diverse. 
It's free, so click the following links to explore the curriculum and web page for Day 1 of the five-day trip.

Boost Your Immune System

Our Parish Nurse has posted a new letter, entitled Help Yourself to Be Healthy - Boost Your Immune System. It contains great advice about strengthening your immune system. A strong immune system may help your body resist and fight this disease - even if you are exposed. Click her picture to read this letter.

About COVID-19, a letter from our Parish Nurse

Please take a few minutes to read this important letter from our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke, by clicking on her picture. She provides general information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and some general tips on staying safe. 



Hand Sanitizers

Help keep yourself and others healthy by using hand sanitizer gel. In addition to the small bottles of hand sanitizer that are available in the holders on the back of each pew, hand sanitizer stands may be found in the narthex (the lobby area before entering the worship space) and upstairs in the Education Wing.