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Message from Our Executive Director, Apr 17

Please view this letter from Mount Olive's Executive Director, Victor Padron. It contains important information for all our members during this time of COVID-19 concerns.



Pandemic Hope Devotions

Our Parish Nurse, Amie Rikke, recently shared these downloadable Pandemic Hope family devotions from the Psalms. What makes these devotions special is that each Psalm devotion includes a "Faith Practice" activity you can do with your children. Near the end of the download are some hymns you and kids can sing while washing your hands - instead of singing the Happy Birthday song. 

Reliable Websites for COVID-19 Info

There is a lot inaccurate information out there about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Click the following link to national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 web page for reliable information. For local information, go to the Douglas County Health Department website.
PC Magazine reports that scammers hare already started taking advantage of this situation. For example, a number of phone apps, purporting to help people track incidences of the COVID-19 virus, are actually installing malware on phones. Please keep yourself and your devices safe.