Bringing Your Offerings and Tithes to God at Mount Olive

Stewardship, at its core, still boils down to two simple questions:
1, What has God done for me?
2. How shall I respond?

No, stewardship hasn't changed. But we have learned that we can use technology to help us carry out our stewardship responsibilities in new ways. 

In the Pew
Once we are again all worshiping together, rest assured you will still be able to place your offerings and tithes in a collection plate.
By Mail
While we are not able to worship together and when you are away, place your check in your weekly giving envelope (or write your envelope number in the memo section of the check) and mail it.
Joyful Response
Sign-up to have your offerings deducted automatically from your checking account on a schedule you choose.
Click the following link to go directly to our on-line giving page.
Use Your Mobile Phone
Download the Give+ app for your iPhone or your Android device.