Sunday School

Sundays at 10:20 AM for ALL ages Your child will enjoy a Bible lesson, crafts, and learn valuable life lessons.


Wednesdays from 6 – 7:30 for 7-9th graders
Confirmation instruction here at Mount Olive is a 3-year process of dedicated and focused study of God’s Word to see, learn, and discuss who God is, why He created us, and how He calls us to live in this world as His disciples.

Youth Group

Meets monthly during the school year.

Worship With Your Family

The Lord has blessed your family and as a Christian parent, you want to give your child the very best. Nevertheless, you will soon discover it is hard to get your entire family ready on a Sunday morning for worship. Then, if your child misbehaves, you may wonder if all the trouble was worthwhile. It will be quite natural for you to think about waiting “a while” before you make the attempt again. Don’t Do That! Here’s Why Jesus didn’t mind when children were brought to Him. We doubt if all of them behaved! We have never seen the let’s wait idea pay off. On the contrary, parents get accustomed to skipping church and never get around to coming again. If parents do come back with their children, they soon find their little-ones can manage to misbehave at any age. The secret is to get them started right. Think about it this way: You don’t stop feeding your child because he doesn’t behave at the table. No, you patiently correct, and direct your child to proper manners. That is exactly what a Christian parent should do in regard to church and God’s spiritual food.

© 2007 K.R. Klaus. (Adapted with author’s permission, 2008.)